1. Check out @fecal_face to read @felixthethirdrock interviewing @goya_goon on his new solo show at @whitewallssf. Photos by yours truly.

  2. Thanks everyone for the positive vibes the past couple of days. @merylpataky is a bit banged up but she’s gonna be alright. She’s gonna be under slight house arrest since she can’t really do anything because of the brain bleed. Let’s us know if you wana stop by for a visit.

  3. Mah dawgs stretchin, paintin and hangin for our 4 new shows opening up tomorrow night at @whitewallssf. Opening reception is at 7pm! Come through! #whitewallssf #shootinggallerysf

  4. Bummer town.

  5. Random record come up in the Mission. Yes there was a Wu-Tang album.

  6. @Goya_goon has been working hard on his mural for his upcoming solo show at @whitewallssf opening September 13. #christopherburch #shootinggallerysf #artlyesf

  8. Stopped by artprimosfblog last night.

  9. Phat kid problemz

  10. Stopped by @goya_goon studio above @bookjobgallery to talk about install week next week at @whitewallssf for his solo show in the Shooting Gallery Project Space. Show opens September 13 at 7pm. Come through!

  11. #tbt with @niceone101 painting things on the roof tops. #chicagostreetart #niceone

  13. #tbt

  15. #sanfranciscograffiti